Keeping our patients safe and well is our top priority. For more information on our hospital’s COVID-19 policies, click here.

Patients and Visitors




At Community Hospital Long Beach, our patients are always the most important part of our job. Providing them, and their friends and families, with an exceptional patient experience is our goal. All of our dedicated staff are focused on making sure that your time at CHLB is as effortless as possible.


Concerns & Grievances

If you would like to file a grievance, you may write or call:

Community Hospital Long Beach

Patient Experience Office
1720 Termino Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802
Telephone: 562- 741-3331

The grievance committee will review each grievance and provide you with a written response within 7 days. The written response will contain the name of the hospital staff to contact, the steps taken to investigate the grievance, the results of the grievance process, and the date of completion of the grievance process.

Safety & Quality

Safety is a top priority at CHLB, and all efforts are being taken to ensure that our campus is safe for patients, staff, and visitors. If you have a complaint about safety or quality of care that remains unresolved, you have the right to contact the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality at:



Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality 
P.O. Box 3620 
McKinney, TX 75070 
Attn: Chief Executive Officer